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Grange Primary School Kilkeel

Road Safety Week 2 for Primary 4-7

9th Jun 2020

Dear Parent,

During the month of June, there will be a weekly task designed for you to work alongside and complete with your child/children in relation to a key road safety issue:

Road Safety Education - Week 2 Task (Pedestrian Safety 8-11 year olds)

This week the focus is on pedestrian safety and you can conduct this whilst out on your daily exercise or visit to the shops.  There are also 2 follow up activities (see attached) supplied by Department for Infrastructure ‘Safe and Accessible Travel’ which can be printed out and completed by your child if you wish.  However, these are not intended to take the place of the task itself but rather to reinforce the learning.

The task concentrates on safe pedestrian practice and we hope that it will help your child develop positive habits as they learn from doing and following your example.   Please talk to your child/children about and practise the following safe pedestrian habits:


·         The Green Cross Code – children are generally considered to be ready to judge speed and distance of traffic from the age of eight years.  Knowing and being able to use the Green Cross Code is an essential life skill for all children:

o   First find a safe place to cross;

o   Stop with your toes behind the kerb (or grass verge on a country road);

o   Look and listen in all directions for any traffic;

o   If any traffic is coming, let it pass;

o   When the road is clear, walk straight across the road;

o   Keep looking and listening for traffic as you cross.

·         Walking on the footpath (on the inside of the footpath with the adult closest to the roadside);

If practical, walk the normal route to/from school and decide upon the safest places to cross the road.  Then, when school resumes, use this route each time you walk your child to/from school (or if your child walks without a parent then encourage them to use the same crossing points if at all possible).  Focus on:

·         Use of any pedestrian crossings in place (including where the Crossing Patrol normally stands);

·         Good sight lines in any direction that traffic may come from;

·         Any potential dangers along the route (e.g. cars reversing out of driveways, road works)


For further information on pedestrian safety:

To view the road safety calendars issued to schools:


Enjoy going for walks with your child and remember to use the GREEN CROSS CODE!